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Design can make or break you.

Yes, you want it to be eye catching and different, but if you are a serious solicitor's firm who deals exclusively with the elderly, a quirky cartoon hipster otter with a moustache and a neck tattoo may not be the right logo for you.

You can look professional and smart, you can look fun and quirky, or even somewhere inbetween, but if you take the wrong approach for your brand and your audience, it can be horribly obvious.

That being said, the more we think about the otter logo, the more we like it. If you're interested in an otter logo for your business, just click the button and let us know. Alternatively, take a look at some more of our design work below.



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Here at Innate Creative Productions, we love to create characters and bring life to your design. 

We were commissioned to create cartoon versions of the band Euphoria for Tulley's Farm Shocktober Fest. The band dressed as zombie hillbillies before playing to crowds at this popular halloween event. The characters we designed were used on a large backdrop to go behind the band when they were on stage.

Each character closely resembles the band member, with a little added gore and a few exaggerated features for good measure.

Want to make your CEO a zombie for halloween? Want a mascot for your company? Want your local breakfast show presenters immortalised in the cartoon world? Get in touch!


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Save A Life UK provide first aid training and supplies across London and the South East. They wanted a clean cut, professional-looking website where people could book their courses and buy Defibrillators, so we worked with them to design, build and launch savealifeuk.com

We also designed their logo for them to signal to people immediately what the company does, using the ECG waveform within the text, and the first aid cross as well. For added clarification, we included their strap line underneath.

With this branding, we were able to provide the artwork for their social media pages, and their business cards as well, completing their launch marketing approach.

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If you need a logo for your business, or a website design, send us a message and let's have a chat!


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Innate Creative Productions have worked closely with the guys over at The Voice Finder from pre-launch to create a brand that really stands out from the crowd, with a website design and tone of voice that matches.

Working with a third-party web developer, we consulted on the design process for the entire site, doing page specific designs for both the Home page and the individual user profile pages.

We also provide video content and blogs for The Voice Finder as well, so make sure to check out our Video and Copy pages to see more. Or, if you would like to talk about your website design, click the button below and send us a message!